Laura Egelhoff

Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner, and Storyteller in Greenville, SC

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A storyteller wears many hats and lives many lives throughout their journey. My walk of life is no different. I’m a proud theatre professional turned business entrepreneur, I approach my business with the lens of an artist. Serving people is my passion. Whether it’s weaving stories for the stage or offering career consultation, I’m committed to making the world around me just a little bit brighter.

Carolinas Total Staffing Solutions LLC is a women and minority owned staffing empire. This company is my family - literally! I have the privilege to work alongside my wonderful sisters and loving husband, Kyle Egelhoff.

But how did an artist end up here?

Having a background in the arts prepared me for many hurdles. Growing up as a quintessential “theatre kid” with my summers spent in drama camps and my closet full of worn out character shoes, I have often been asked - “But what are you going to do with this?”

My response? Anything. I can do ANYTHING. If I can learn the ins and outs of a character and breathe in their world during a 6 week rehearsal process then I can basically learn how to do anything.

My husband and I are both Kennesaw State University alumni, graduates from the department of Theatre and Performance Studies. During our time in college we had the honor to perform with the KSU Tellers, a traveling storytelling troupe housed within the department. This was such a fruitful time in our young lives as we learned how to mold and transform our personal stories into something worth sharing for an audience. This is where we learned how to connect, how to find and dissect the parts of you and me that make us human, and build on those commonalities.

In 2014, I worked as a professional actor and entertainer for a major talent agency in Atlanta, GA. I thought the Hollywood stars had aligned for me, but little did I know I was just beginning to get to know myself as an artist and a person in the world. I had to learn my own boundaries, and how to say no. I wanted to create art to make a difference, not compete for toothpaste commercials.

So I made a change. I began to travel. I began to learn who I was outside of the black box studio.

My mother and grandmother taught me all I know about how to be a leader and how to manage a business. As much as I resisted this path, it was destined to be my birthright. I’ve always been a rebel, so I came to be my own leader through my own unconventional way. But I still made it here, building upon the empire my mother started.

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